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Leopard Print Asthma Decal

Leopard Print Asthma Decal

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Elevate your inhaler game with Pluff's Custom Leopard Print Inhaler Decal Sticker! 🐾

Breathe in style and make a bold statement with our holographic leopard print design that transforms your essential inhaler into a fashion-forward accessory. Pluff is here to revolutionise the way you view asthma management—embracing style, sustainability, and a touch of wild elegance!

🌿 Eco-Chic and Planet-Friendly: Pluff decals are crafted with care from certified compostable wood pulp, ensuring a guilt-free accessory for your inhaler. The vegan inks used in our printing process add vibrancy to the design without compromising our commitment to cruelty-free and eco-conscious practices.

🌈 Holographic Magic: Our decals are designed to catch the light in a mesmerizing holographic display, adding an extra layer of enchantment to your inhaler. Let your personality shine through with a touch of shimmer and flair!

🌱 Compostable Craftsmanship: We're not just about style; we're about sustainability too! Pluff decals are not only eye-catching but also environmentally responsible. Made from compostable materials, they will naturally break down in your food waste or compost bin in just 3 months, leaving no trace behind.

🌍 Printed with Purpose: Our designs come to life through the power of an HP Indigo printer, ensuring every detail is captured with precision. Pluff is proud to use technology that minimizes waste, aligning with our mission to create a positive impact on the planet.

🔄 Recycle with Ease: When it's time for a change, simply peel off your Pluff decal and dispose of it in your compost bin. The backing paper? Toss it in your recycling bin! Pluff makes it easy to refresh your inhaler's look while keeping sustainability in mind.

Join us in challenging the stereotypes surrounding asthma management. Make your breaths bold, stylish, and eco-friendly with our Custom Leopard Print Inhaler Decal Sticker! 🌿🐆✨

If your inhaler type is not available - let us know here!

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Decal Application

First, ensure a clean surface for the perfect stick. Patience is key, as precision makes the difference – this one's for the adults! For that extra-long hold, seal the deal with a bit of heat from your trusty hairdryer but only if your inhaler detaches from the case, ensure the gas is nowhere near the heat & keep those fingers safe! Your personalised inhaler upgrade awaits. Let the Pluff magic begin!

Watch our video here.

Sustainable & Compostable

Pluff decals are crafted from certified compostable wood pulp, paired with vegan inks. Printed by a HP Indigo printer bringing our eco-friendly designs to life.

They will compost in your food waste or compost bin in 3 months and simply put the backing paper in your recycle bin!

What is my inhaler called?

There are many varieties of inhalers out there! Identify the name of your inhaler so you can choose the correct decal sticker for it. Discover the perfect match effortlessly and start your journey towards personalised respiratory flair.

Can't find your Inhaler?

Ensure the flawless fusion of style and functionality by selecting the ideal decal sticker for your inhaler. Should you not find your inhaler listed, share the details with us, as we're passionately dedicated to crafting designs that cater to every inhaler type! Your valuable input holds the key to our diverse collection. Contribute your preferences right here.